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Curiosities, strange things, but rare indeed, that no one can catalog but are really really cool.

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Play Video Game Quiz

Video Game Quiz

Do you like videogames? And surely you'd be in one of them. But you know what you look like video game character for real? Answer a few questions and find out ;-)
Average grade:1
Play The Simpsomaker

The Simpsomaker

Would you like to design your own characters from the Simpsons? Choose the body, head , gesture , hair , clothes,everything! You can even cartoons to your friends, print them or upload them on your blog XD
Average grade:3.3
Play Stonehenge Cam

Stonehenge Cam

Connect to this virtual webcam that points to the megalithic complex of Stonehenge. 5000 years of history will observe you. Take a look at what happens, not that you were the only witness :-)
Play Pimp my Zombie

Pimp my Zombie

Mummies vampitos , werewolves , zombies ... Choose a monster and decorate to your taste, then print it and you can paste on the walls or door for Halloween. Remember that after you miss .
Play No me molestes

No me molestes

Bored ? Would you like to annoy someone ? Here's the solution: touch her nose to this type until you get bored or he tired of you. It's hilarious ! :-D
Average grade:1
Play Metele al Ordenata

Metele al Ordenata

Again returned to hang the computer! Just another blue screen? Have you lost your documents? Do not keep the desire and hit him. Phew, what a relief :-)
Average grade:5
Play Mari Pili

Mari Pili

This girl, Maripili, has something very important and personal to tell you. She is shy and seems to talk costs , per worth paying much attention. You must know Maripili
Play Madonna


Do you like Madonna? This girl also . Do not miss this short video that this girl is able to rile their office colleagues.
Play Loituma


Baredi dadaaaa di dare ... Oops sorry! Is that once you hear this movie the song will stick you dare di da da baredi daaaa ... X -D
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