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Curiosities, strange things, but rare indeed, that no one can catalog but are really really cool.

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Play Desestresarse-Slap Him

Desestresarse-Slap Him

Are you stressed ? De-stress you! De-stressing is easy if your conscience does not prevent you about smacks and slap to a harmless teddy bear. Hit it hard! A campion , another and you will see how your level of stres downDe-stressing !
Average grade:1
Play Holiday Snowglobe

Holiday Snowglobe

Here is coming Christmas! And again everything will be sweet, white and full of good intentions ... or not ... Can you imagine you living inside those glass balls with snow? Now you can interact with people living inside one. Shake and laugh a lot
Play Hypnotic Experiment

Hypnotic Experiment

Experimenting with hypnosis may seem dangerous, yet so interesting ... Try this hypnotic experiment and follow its instructions , you may end up sleeping, dreaming... Better try it than tell it
Average grade:1.5
Play Caleidoscopio-The Kaleidoscope Project

Caleidoscopio-The Kaleidoscope Project

Have you ever played with a kaleidoscope ? It's like having a magic crystal in your hands. By turning a world of new color appears before your eyes. Now you can enjoy this magic on your computer. Kaleidoscope is a magical and beautiful game .
Average grade:5.3
Play The Capitals of Europe

The Capitals of Europe

Geography in a fun way to learn is easy with this program. Do you know all the capitals of Europe? Prove it and place them on the map in the shortest possible time. Play and learn with the capitals of Europe.
Play Swag - Prevenir el delito

Swag - Prevenir el delito

Want to know how to prevent crime ? What do not to steal your purse or may not take your car? With this test you will discover the answers that come to mind are not the most appropriate. Try it, learn andbe amazed !
Average grade:5
Play Super Bored

Super Bored

Mr. boring brings you three 8-bit mini-games to erase that boredom on your face : Shoot your trimmed the zombies falling from the sky, another to collect balls and a third car . Funny and Fancy quickie
Play Stealth Switch

Stealth Switch

At the end is here the solution to prevent the boss catch you playing in office! How have we ever not thought to play Tin at work without getting caught . God is great! Come in, you have to see :-)
Average grade:1
Play Spank the Monkey

Spank the Monkey

Stressed? Relieve with this inflatable monkey.Take a run and give him a blow with all your might, to see how far you send . It's great, you spend all your problems, you poke and laugh a lot. :-)
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