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Grab your gun and shoot. What more could you want to know about the games this page? Grab your weapon and kill them all!

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Play Advanced Army Training

Advanced Army Training

To belong to a group of elite anti -terrorist first you must train hard. With Army Training Advance your chance to enter the nest of terrorists and save hostages . Calculate your moves with a cool head and save them!
Average grade:4.5
Play Gingerbread Circus 3

Gingerbread Circus 3

The little men of ginger have come to the circus. You should aim to hit well and all objects , but with very careful not to give cookies, otherwise the public will cast you up :-s fun game to hit ... or fail on purpose :)
Play Kamikaze Blocks 2: Antigravity

Kamikaze Blocks 2: Antigravity

Blocks with kamikaze fun is guaranteed . Concentrate , aim well and hit all the blocks of each level. You will also have to be careful that your creatures are well fed. They are always hungry ! Blocks Kamikaza :-)
Play A Simple Day

A Simple Day

We must recover the treasure of the King! This company consists of 5 adventure has started in your search. The problem is that the world is not easy to cross. Fortunately, there you are to protect and help you reach your goal :)
Average grade:4
Play Ragdoll Rooftops

Ragdoll Rooftops

The idea of the game is to throw the dummy as far as possible , as that poor penguin, but now you have to do based bombs. Place on the bottom and get it to fly. But if it falls to where it should not you finish. :-o
Average grade:4
Play Zombie Slash

Zombie Slash

The zombies want to eat , so before they kill you you have to kill them. Cut off their heads ! And quickly, because as you reach a drum you will infected, and if a zombie bites you ... good, better short game and heads ;)
Average grade:4
Play Kamikaze Blocks 123

Kamikaze Blocks 123

This game you have to try it! It's a shooter and also a set of mission. You'll have to shoot and break down the blocks to the next level , but you have to feed a hungry creatures ... Better try it! :-)
Play Troll Hunter

Troll Hunter

Can you distinguish a Trollface from other memes? Are you sure ? So grab your shotgun and get ready to carry you all the Trolls you see. Aim and cárgatelos , but only to them ... Justin Bieber and who goes around and gives more points XD
Average grade:5
Play Duck Hunt Reloaded

Duck Hunt Reloaded

Remember the famous Nintendo game Duck Hunt. If yes , you will enjoy this game. If not do you expect to test the game that made happy for an entire generation ? Come on! Grab the shotgun and Load up all the ducks :)
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