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strategy games

Play Gluey 2

Gluey 2

There are many different colors manchass . What you do is kill as many mores the better. I did not get punishment , though they have eyes , you should not have mercy. Go for them!

action games

Play Combat Hero Adventures

Combat Hero Adventures

This game is among the few that you have to choose from : Story Mode or Arena mode . In M.Historia must avenge the death of your father , to find who killed him and kill him. However, in the M.Arena have to destroy the enemies you see
Average grade:4.8

strategy games

Play Pusher


You are an ingot of the most friendly . But that is not going to serve against the mini robots that are still keeping you from the passage . Although you may look harmless , do not try to touch them ... Cheer up, let's see if you can with everyone?

classic games

Play Super Mario Remix 3

Super Mario Remix 3

If you liked earlier Mario games , now more than ever, because now you can choose another character, Toad , the little mushroom, but you can continue with the usual heroes , Mario and Luigi . They have now returned to kidnap Peach,save it !

ability games

Play Catch the Candy

Catch the Candy

Do you like candy? Yes? as this character. Want to get to the candy, but only has suction cups, so he needs your help. Help him , but the fewer clicks agas better ... Ah ! Try not to suck or bite the computer. lol!

sport games

Play Bart Boarding

Bart Boarding

Bart Simpson with his skateboard crazy again and wants to travel the streets of Springfield -based sweets alone ... Help to finish safely.
Average grade:5

drive games

Play Notebook Drift

Notebook Drift

This car is not like others, works with magnets , so you have to put magnets all over the road. But if it seems easy, no fences so quickly , I will put every obstacle difficult . Get the stars if you can ...
Average grade:3

adventures games

Play Albert the Alien

Albert the Alien

This alien , Albert, has fallen on our planet, and some scientists have been carried cojido and secret area , Area 51, and can not leave . Interact with the different objects of the rooms and help him get out. Albert Luck !

ability games

Play Defend your Nuts

Defend your Nuts

You're a squirrel to which all the monsters , animals and bugs want to steal his acorn . Although you are a harmless animal , when put ... can become very violent , and more with the weapons that have given : a bow, bazooka , and more ...
Average grade:5
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