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brutes games

Play Viral Outbreak

Viral Outbreak

The zombies are at the gates of the city and I have chosen you to defend it. Prevents any zombie between, using in each case the most appropriate weapon . No wonder you are an elite soldier ! Killing zombies has become a profession for you

brutes games

Play Toxie Radd 3D

Toxie Radd 3D

Joe escaped from prison and found it was the victim of an experiment. Everything is full of zombies. Play 3D Radd Toxie and enjoy a game in 1st person style Doom, where you have to kill zombies galore and survive.

action games

Play Zombie Train

Zombie Train

The zombies are everywhere and now they want to attack your train. Do not let it ! If necessary I will defend to death. And the bad thing is that the assault and assault are breaking the train. So you have to fix it before you break it and eat you!

ability games

Play Zombie Rumble

Zombie Rumble

This of zombies is a dirty trick : they smell bad , they eat brains ... So as you are the last survivor of the earth have decided to get it over with themwith your super - cannon! Destroy all the facilities where they are hiding :)

action games

Play Delivery Man

Delivery Man

After an apocalypse all, our truck continues to do his job, but nothing faciol . You have to kill all the enemies who want to steal the truck and its cargo . You can get weapons and enhancements that help you succeed

action games

Play Ben 10 vs Zombies

Ben 10 vs Zombies

If the protagonist was not Ben10 , would be dead. With only one laser and a cuchillol pisola , Ben will have to face all the zombies that have been aj wipe out humanity and eat our brains.

action games

Play Thelemite


The whole world is being ravaged by the mutants. Your city is about to fall into their hands. Only you can stop them with your superpowers . Search the skill to achieve targets and kill them before they conquer the world :-o

action games

Play Zombies Ate my Phone

Zombies Ate my Phone

Who going to tell you this morning that today would be the day of the zombie apocalypse ? Leave your house , quietly going to the mall andWham ! All full of zombies. Be careful, will you, so that defiÊndte using everything you find !

brutes games

Play Lab of the Dead

Lab of the Dead

Zombie games there are many, but just know this , Lab of the Dead , in which you are C.Tyler Allen , a famous scientist who is investigating why the dead rise . To do this you can experiment with the zombies at will and find his reaction
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