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brutes games

Play Cowboy Duel

Cowboy Duel

I always loved those scenes in western movies where the good is face to face with the evil, hands near the revolvers, silence, dust... Now you can be the fastest gunman in the West. Place your mouse over the gun and PUM!

drive games

Play Road Wolves

Road Wolves

Road Wolves is a wild race , a struggle for victory without rules. Take your car , run like crazy to win the race and grab the money. So you can spend on preparing your car or buy a new one. This is the only ruleWin!
Average grade:4

brutes games

Play Above Hell

Above Hell

Your enemies will try to escape through the door, but there you are to stop it. Cover the room with their blood! This is what has to be a professional murderer and Hell Above you can be tested to the core.

brutes games

Play Madness Lunacy

Madness Lunacy

Hank and Stanford just to escape the laboratory where they have been experimenting with them to madness. Now you can control them in their mad quest to destroy the guilty. A game like few crazy beast : -O

drive games

Play Brutal Racing 2010 Nitro Addiction

Brutal Racing 2010 Nitro Addiction

If you have not run in Brutal Racing 2010 will not know which is the addiction to Nitro. Try a quick race or play a full tournament , you 'll see. Select a car and feel the adreanlina running through your veins. They will not give away the victory !

action games

Play Grotembit


If you like fighting games Grotembit is your game. First choose your character. Then decide where you want to fight . Now you can devote yourself to beat your opponent to get the maximum number of pointsand can use it in multiplayer!

brutes games

Play Madness Ambulation

Madness Ambulation

Madness! Madness ! Those damn bikers want to kill you . Chase you down the road around you and want to upload to your car. Collides with them and cast them out of the road before they get it and kill you. A violent madness and fun
Average grade:5

shooting games

Play Zombie Slash

Zombie Slash

The zombies want to eat , so before they kill you you have to kill them. Cut off their heads ! And quickly, because as you reach a drum you will infected, and if a zombie bites you ... good, better short game and heads ;)
Average grade:4

fight games

Play Kung-Fu Grandpa

Kung-Fu Grandpa

It is not safe to go outside . Everything 's gotta be shameless . Fortunately, the grandfather of Kung -Fu has come to the neighborhood to distribute cakes and sticks to load all the wicked criminals. If you love cakes, Grandpa is your game KungFu
Average grade:5
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