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drive games

Play Night Driver 3D

Night Driver 3D

Driving is a pleasure, but when night is not always fun. Get behind the wheel of this car at night , driving down the road and keeping it in the right lane so you can get away without getting all the points.

brutes games

Play Cowboy Duel

Cowboy Duel

I always loved those scenes in western movies where the good is face to face with the evil, hands near the revolvers, silence, dust... Now you can be the fastest gunman in the West. Place your mouse over the gun and PUM!

ability games

Play Samurai Fruits

Samurai Fruits

Freaks ! With your katana samurai must go cut all fruits as they fall without any escape you . But be careful , because if you give a bottle of sake lees or a grenade ... It seems a simple game, but it's great :-)

sport games

Play Stuntman Dude

Stuntman Dude

Now you can be a real stuntman . Take your dirt bike and learn to perform incredible stunts , jumps and tricks, to leave the audience with their mouths open. How many points will be able to get?

sport games

Play Air Hockey World Cup

Air Hockey World Cup

Now you can play real Air Hockey 3D. With stunning tables around the world . View winning every championship and attain be unlocked all the characters and show who's the best player Air Hockey 3D

brutes games

Play Knife Games

Knife Games

Are you afraid to play with knives? For this game you have the opportunity to take away the itch without hurting anyone. Drive a sharp knife and stick at full speed between your fingers without hurting them. How many levels you can overcome ?

spaceships games

Play Dogfight- The Great War

Dogfight- The Great War

An amazing set of planes, in which you fly biplanes of World War I duels and battle with solitary or complex air battles of the epoch-making . If you want to know what it means to be an ace , play it. Hottie!

sport games

Play Garfield s Ping Pong

Garfield s Ping Pong

Do you like ping pong? And Garfield , you like ? So take a little game with Garfield the pingpong is better than sitting down to eat a lasagna with it. Here at least you can give effect to the ball to try and win. Eating is sure to win it :-)

brutes games

Play Crazy Flasher 2-Andy Law

Crazy Flasher 2-Andy Law

Andy Law wants to end all the riff-raff of the neighborhood. If you like violent games to be given the cane , this is your game. It is written in Japanese, but to stick with using the arrow keys and keypad 123 is sufficient for you .
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