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brutes games

Play H3I5T


After the fall of the Iron Curtain many Russian warheads fell into the hands of the mafia. You're a KGB agent and your mission is to intercept one of them, that goes to the border of Kazakhstan , before leaving the country. Hurry !

drive games

Play Traffic Policeman

Traffic Policeman

Play Traffic Policeman in your hands is to take traffic safety in the city. You will be like an air traffic controller , but directing traffic. Decide who can pass and those who wait , avoid accidents and monitors intersecciones.Mola well !
Average grade:1

drive games

Play Vehicles 2

Vehicles 2

Vehicles 2 is not a regular car game . You'll have to think like throwing out all the cars of offenders. Try just clicking on the ambulances , fire or police cars to get that order reigns again :)

adventures games

Play Bob the Robber

Bob the Robber

Ah , theft ! For Bob to be kleptomaniac is not a disease , but a point in life . Their idols were not football players, if not great thieves of history. Now you can help them fulfill their missions and desvalijarlo all. A steal , lol!
Average grade:4

drive games

Play Package Pilferer

Package Pilferer

The minis. You see them parked and you like , but can you imagine escaping from police at high speed driving one ? Wow ! Get on this and try to escape the airport while collecting all possible bags and avoid getting caught by the cops ;-)
Average grade:5

adventures games

Play Youda Mystery: El Legado Stanwick

Youda Mystery: El Legado Stanwick

Stanwich Emma has just inherited his grandfather 's house . She is alone , after losing their parents and now the grandfather, his house is all you have in life. Tour the house and search for clues and objects to clarify the mysteries that surround i
Average grade:5

action games

Play Outpost: Haven

Outpost: Haven

C -Sleep Station has launched a call for help . You do not have data, but the matter does not look bienl , so Jameson and you should come to investigate what happened . The mystery is chewed in the environment ... or space

shooting games

Play Clear Vision- Elite Edition

Clear Vision- Elite Edition

If Clear Vision is amazing this year for the sniper is milk. If you have played versions 1 and 2 Clear Vision and fulfilled their missions , you will enjoy this game a lot of shots precise and complex missions. Wow !

shooting games

Play Clear Vision II

Clear Vision II

Are You an avenger or a murderer for hire ? That depends on why you fulfill your mission. With your sniper rifle you can save the world and live a lot of exciting adventures in exchange for clean some trash on the planet.
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