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action games

Play Souichiro Blademaster

Souichiro Blademaster

Ever wanted to be a ninja ? Now is your chance. The village is in flames, pesarde your little experience , have trusted you for this mission. Help the citizens of the town !

action games

Play Run Ninja Run

Run Ninja Run

Run Ninja Run! You're the best Ninja, but your enemies are many and they all go after you. So you can escape that golperales dentrás , jump or run away at the right time . Show off your ninja skills andRun!

fight games

Play Kung-Fu Grandpa

Kung-Fu Grandpa

It is not safe to go outside . Everything 's gotta be shameless . Fortunately, the grandfather of Kung -Fu has come to the neighborhood to distribute cakes and sticks to load all the wicked criminals. If you love cakes, Grandpa is your game KungFu
Average grade:5

adventures games

Play Trigger Knight

Trigger Knight

Control your mouse with this tiger warrior in order to survive and fight like you had not imagined. It is an awesome RPG game where you fight and survive depends not only on your skill but also luck.

adventures games

Play Ninja Delivery

Ninja Delivery

The ninja master expects you to do you get a mysterious and important package. So you'll have to use all your ninja know all your tricks and secrets to meet your dangerous mission.

classic games

Play IKplus International Karate Plus

IKplus International Karate Plus

International Karate Plus was the most famous karate game for Amiga. Karate lets you enjoy without suffering consequences doloresas . You can play solo or multiplayer. Get battles and become the best karateka in Japan.
Average grade:1

fight games

Play Bushido Fighters

Bushido Fighters

The Bushido is the way of the warrior, a true way of life for the Samurai . Enter a Japanese Dojo and secrets apende their struggle. Then confront death in combat against terrifying enemies . Bushido Fighters. Cool !

action games

Play Blood Shade: Army of Thieves

Blood Shade: Army of Thieves

Your mission is to protect the gold Bloodshade temple from attack by thieves and soldiers who come to steal it. You are a ninja and you can hide in the shadows or trees and use your weapons to kill them. Feel the shadow!
Average grade:5

fight games

Play Ant Ken-do

Ant Ken-do

Feel like a samurai practicing the ancient martial art of Kendo. Use your cane to defeat your enemy. But follow your rules , do not rush , listen to your enemy, using his strength. Kendo is the game balance and fun :-)
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