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Play Anime Smash Duo

Anime Smash Duo

If you're a girl , you like the manga and you're a fan of Naruto , you can not stop playing Smash Duo Anime . Enough that all guys are superheroes ! Now you can play with Li Naruta and Susuki , your new superheroines . It can be multiplayer !

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Play Trigger Knight

Trigger Knight

Control your mouse with this tiger warrior in order to survive and fight like you had not imagined. It is an awesome RPG game where you fight and survive depends not only on your skill but also luck.

fight games

Play Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z

At first Goku ere , then you can choose other characters from Dragon Ball Z as Piccolo , Vegeta or Freizer , so go fight against all enemies . With a stunning visuals, if you like Dragon Ball Z, you will be hooked .

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