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ability games

Play Skull Hunter Level Pack

Skull Hunter Level Pack

The skeletons have escaped from the world of Halloween and now they go after you. Luckily you have a giant crossbow and aim enviable. kill to all! Shoot your head and use it to do tricks and eliminate them all.

shooting games

Play Gingerbread Circus 3

Gingerbread Circus 3

The little men of ginger have come to the circus. You should aim to hit well and all objects , but with very careful not to give cookies, otherwise the public will cast you up :-s fun game to hit ... or fail on purpose :)

strategy games

Play Roly Poly Eliminator 2

Roly Poly Eliminator 2

The monsters have invaded the world , no matter what today is not Hallowinare everywhere ! So you have to kill them. Think , use your head to remove them. Make objects explode or fall on them , better skill than strength.

strategy games

Play Pumpkin Remover 3

Pumpkin Remover 3

Halloween is past . What do we do now with all the rotten pumpkins that have been out there ? Well with Pumpkin Remove going to get rid of them. Use logic, the fire and the law of gravity. If you think a little more simple :)

adventures games

Play Spooky Night Escape

Spooky Night Escape

On a cold night and mysterious , your car runs out of gas . You have to start it back home , so you enter a mysterious abandoned house and gleanings from all objects that can help . Creepy!
Average grade:2

brutes games

Play Killing Substance

Killing Substance

A mysterious creature has entered the house. You do not know much about it , but you know that wants to end the whole family. View by clicking on objects to discover what they do. If you play Killing Substance, you have to look over your shoulder :)

action games

Play The Last Stand Union City

The Last Stand Union City

The zombies have finally come to Union City , your ciuidad . Everyone has collapsed to infection. Zombie apocalypse is . But you do not resign yourself to die. With this awesome RPG adventure and escape you fight Union City and zombies !

ability games

Play Draka


It's here again the spider Draka and his adventures ! Now you need to attack all humans are in each level. You can go throwing spider webs to help reach their prey, muaahahaha that I am wicked and evil :)

strategy games

Play Monster Town

Monster Town

It's Halloween and , of course , the monsters are ready to control the city. To defend the city you must strategically place troops to avoid vampires, zombies , Frankenstein and other monsters, scour the city. Run!
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