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adventures games

Play Aurora 2

Aurora 2

If you liked the first installment of Aurora , you can not miss Aurora 2 . After the above the mystery of Red Hill Town now you can relive the adventure complete with Aurora 2 , a game that will leave a trace.
Average grade:5

adventures games

Play Demonia City

Demonia City

You're in a town called Demonia City, the name gives a bit of bad feeling , but not Swim demons. You're there because you have to destroy a nuclear generator helping you find objects in the streets. Good luck and be careful!

adventures games

Play Bela Kovacs and the Trail of Blood

Bela Kovacs and the Trail of Blood

This adventure game is nothing normal ! It is almost a photo-novel. With real images, chapters after chapter you must travel to the depths of Eastern Europe to investigate a mysterious murder. An awesome thirller!

action games

Play Andagel


An impressive science fiction game . You must infiltrate Andagel and Chemicoy , a corporation that controls the production of energy, to clarify the murder of the discoverer of an unlimited source of energy and get to steal it.

adventures games

Play Aurora


You were looking for gold in the Wild West when a tornado lifted you and drop you lying in a mysterious place. Cool game that will live in your own skin and live the true western adventures.

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