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strategy games

Play Grow Farm

Grow Farm

Grow Farm is the dream of all that we play but we Simcity spirit of farmers. Ground and now you can create the perfect farm . Situation and building each object in place , buy animals , give them food . The farmer's dream !

girls games

Play Park on Water

Park on Water

Park on Water is a beautiful game . You'll have to create your own water park. Choose where to put the rides, determine their size, orientation of all ... A beautiful game in which control all business and all the water fun :-)

strategy games

Play Nuts and Bolts

Nuts and Bolts

With this game you'll be blown away. Intelligent robots are here and here to stay . With them you can build huge buildings . It's exciting and terrifying. Never fail and need a vacation ! Come to the future.

ability games

Play Space Tower

Space Tower

This game is a Tetris in reverse. You'll have to put the pieces together to create a high tower to get on that space and place a telecommunications antenna . It is not easy , but if you like Tetris and spaceThis is your game! :-)

strategy games

Play Isoball X-1

Isoball X-1

Isoball X-1 will test your ability to perceive 3D . We presents puzzles in isometric view ( in perspective) and you have to make structures with blocks, put ramps , tapes and what comes to mind, pra that the ball lands on the hole.
Average grade:5

strategy games

Play Minecraft Tower Defense

Minecraft Tower Defense

Have a nice house in the Minecraft, the problem is that now you have to defend it. To do this you have to make a way to get to it and place turrets strategically and weapons to kill your enemies.
Average grade:4.7

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