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ability games

Play Monster Island

Monster Island

Everyone knows that if you live in an island paradise there's nothing more you fear that an invasion of evil monsters . Right? Then get ready , because your island is full of them. Luckily you have your mini-bombs-monster-buster :-)

ability games

Play Zombie Rumble

Zombie Rumble

This of zombies is a dirty trick : they smell bad , they eat brains ... So as you are the last survivor of the earth have decided to get it over with themwith your super - cannon! Destroy all the facilities where they are hiding :)

strategy games

Play Dynamite Blast 2

Dynamite Blast 2

Dynamite Blast! Dynamite for chickens :-). New levels and new bridges will have to blow up , but very carefully to get destroy ALL the cars that try to cross them. Calculates the effects and BOOOOM ! :-)

drive games

Play CrazyTopy


In the world of Little Topy driving is an adventure. Everything is full of obstacles! But as a great inventor , there is nothing to stop him : He has invented a car with built gun . His world travels and destroys all obstacles :)

shooting games

Play Ragdoll Rooftops

Ragdoll Rooftops

The idea of the game is to throw the dummy as far as possible , as that poor penguin, but now you have to do based bombs. Place on the bottom and get it to fly. But if it falls to where it should not you finish. :-o
Average grade:4

levels games

Play Mad Bombs 2

Mad Bombs 2

You have to defend the island from those damn zombie pirates! They are everywhere . Your gun is broken, but no matter , get the bombs, light them on fire and throw them to the zombies to kill them and clean up the island. Quick! :-)

ability games

Play Blockoomz


Blockoomz not a very original game , but if you start to play safely then you can not stop :-). The idea is to go by clicking on the blocks to make them explode and get throw all of their platforms. Sounds simple, but it is

ability games

Play Save the Angry Bird

Save the Angry Bird

Another fun version of Angry Birds , which after another against the pigs , you have to capture the Angry Birds. Balloons are flying around. Explode them with guns and put them in boxes. Then we'll think of pigs :-)
Average grade:5

ability games

Play Dummy Never Fails 2

Dummy Never Fails 2

In games, dolls Dummies poor have been through . Now you have another chance to play with them. Insert a dummy in a canyon , calculates the angle and power shooting and throw the target. In addition you can control gravity. Uff ...
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