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ability games

Play Defend your Nuts

Defend your Nuts

You're a squirrel to which all the monsters , animals and bugs want to steal his acorn . Although you are a harmless animal , when put ... can become very violent , and more with the weapons that have given : a bow, bazooka , and more ...
Average grade:5

action games

Play Hunt or Die

Hunt or Die

Hunting or die! In prehistoric hunting one day could mean the difference between life or death of the group. So grab your bow and go into the woods to cazar.Empieza with small prey , and when you play against more experienced great beasts
Average grade:4

ability games

Play Skull Hunter Level Pack

Skull Hunter Level Pack

The skeletons have escaped from the world of Halloween and now they go after you. Luckily you have a giant crossbow and aim enviable. kill to all! Shoot your head and use it to do tricks and eliminate them all.

ability games

Play Wakfu Archer

Wakfu Archer

As you are the best goalkeeper of the contours, you are entrusting more and more difficult missions . Cúmplelas well with your bow pointing and calculating the path of the arrows in the light wind, distance and everything else ...

ability games

Play Gibbets 3

Gibbets 3

You have to save them all ! You're like Robin Hood, the best goalkeeper in the world and your friends have been hanged. So you have no time to lose points well with the bow and cuts the ropes which hang before they are put purple :-s

ability games

Play Arrow in the Knee

Arrow in the Knee

The knights were like tanks, all lined with tin, but I'll tell you a secret that every archer should know: Apúntales knees. At least with this gentleman I work. Test your aim and kill him.

action games

Play Castle Hero

Castle Hero

The enemies come to destroy your fortress , but you're a hero and be able to defend throwing rocks or shooting your bow . The important thing is that do not meet your lair . If you start you can not stop :-)

action games

Play Arcane-The armor collection

Arcane-The armor collection

As a child you selected to train you in the best warrior training center of the kingdom. Now you must face more enemies that are invading your home using your bow or sword. Exciting battle action game that is better to try :)

levels games

Play Angelico 2

Angelico 2

You must be Cupid and love to the people there through the streets of the city, but be careful , because these people have very exquisite taste and you should throw your arrows at people who seem to look alike.
Average grade:3
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