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Games where you have to jump from platform to platform, from level to level, always going up or down and facing new enemies :)

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Play Red Ball 3

Red Ball 3

We believe that the life of a ball is round. Well none of that ! The gray ball has kidnapped your love. If you want her back you have to chase and capture , which is not going to be easy , because all are obstacles and problems :-(
Play Tobe s Great Escape

Tobe s Great Escape

Tobes is enclosed in a deep, dark cave and can not leave. Fortunately, there you are to save :). You will have to make him jump from platform to platform while collecting all the gems you find. It's like Canabalt .
Play Revolutions


Revolutions is a very original game . You have to control a ball through a strange world of platforms, where nothing is as it seems , until you reach the exit . You'll have to think hard and use your reflexes fine if you want the next level ;)
Play Lost on the Lost Planet

Lost on the Lost Planet

Getting lost is bad, but if you get lost in a lost planet , that's the worst. Our friend is a child astronaut who has broken the propeller suit . Can you help to overcome the 22 levels to get to his space ship ? I hope so ...
Play Plumet 2

Plumet 2

You have to jump from platform to platform to go down as possible. If you fall you die. If the roof catches you die. But if low 1000 meters you can unlock the multiplayer option . And yes it's cool ;-) A jump!
Play You are a Box

You are a Box

You are in a box you have to control a very original: a case of XD Quie 'll guide it to it to reach the exit, avoiding and around all obstacles. It is an original and fun game you should try :-)
Play Level Editor 2

Level Editor 2

35 puzzles to enjoy and escape. Editor In Level 2, you who will edit the stage and then have to escape it. This uses the objects that will be giving and put them in a estretÃęgica , so you reach the exit :)
Play Greens Survive when Reds Die

Greens Survive when Reds Die

A stressful but very addictive game . Your mission is to save the green robots , but that will mean sacrificing the red robots . The complication comes when you discover you have to handle all the robberies at a time. Wow !
Play Melee Man

Melee Man

With this game you'll think you're playing Nintendo or Game Boy . Man Melee is a fun platform game in which you must collect all the gems in each level to move to the next . Enjoy a retro gem
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