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Fight using your fists and feet, a pistol, a grenade launcher, a tank or an airplane, but struggle. With games of this page you will drip of adrenaline throughout the body.Try them! :)

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Play Anime Smash Duo

Anime Smash Duo

If you're a girl , you like the manga and you're a fan of Naruto , you can not stop playing Smash Duo Anime . Enough that all guys are superheroes ! Now you can play with Li Naruta and Susuki , your new superheroines . It can be multiplayer !
Play Knight Age Jousting

Knight Age Jousting

The life of a medieval knight is not simple, but he can never say no to a fair . So cálate the helmet , climb on your horse , come at the right time to run over and hit your opponent with a lance causing much damage as possible
Play Dragon Ball: Fierce Fighting

Dragon Ball: Fierce Fighting

Enter the magical world of Dragon Ball Goku and feel . Take all the enemies and get all the Dragon Balls hidden. When you master the game you make great points and combos to increase power. And it'sis multiplayer !
Average grade:5
Play Knight Age Christmas

Knight Age Christmas

Do you like stories of medieval knights and tournaments ? Now you can participate in a medieval tournament , controlling your horse to run at full speed down the spear to knock down your opponent and feel a real knight .
Average grade:5
Play Kung-Fu Grandpa

Kung-Fu Grandpa

It is not safe to go outside . Everything 's gotta be shameless . Fortunately, the grandfather of Kung -Fu has come to the neighborhood to distribute cakes and sticks to load all the wicked criminals. If you love cakes, Grandpa is your game KungFu
Average grade:5
Play Dragon Ball Z Tribute

Dragon Ball Z Tribute

Cool tribute to Dragon Ball Z! If you like the series now is your chance. Choose the character you most identify yourself and win the tournament. The music is flipante ! What about graphics? Superna Nintendos , but ultimately what you trust.Dragon Ba
Play Bloody Rage 2

Bloody Rage 2

Hallucinating game 3D battle between superheroes . She says it's a beta , but I assure you it's cool a lot. Choose your character and play against the computer customizalo or colleague (s multiplayer) The blows are well made.
Average grade:5
Play Bleach vs Naruto

Bleach vs Naruto

Bleach, kill Naruto! His game is often not very clean, but you have your agility ( cursors) and sword (space ) And that stupid Naruto still does not know your special moves you can use with V and B keys. Naruto vs Bleach! Yea!
Play 1066


1066 is a fighting and strategy medieval game really great. You must lead your army to win the battle or campaign proposal. The good news is that you can play alone, against a known opponent or find random opponents online .
Average grade:4.8
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