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Play a solitaire or play a poker game, but you can live card games from another dimension.Try all them!

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Play Spectromancer: Gamer s Pack

Spectromancer: Gamer s Pack

Cool Spectromancer full game with over 100 cards! This game, designed by the same group that designed the Gahtering Magic , you become a mighty warrior who can control monsters and spells. You can not miss it!
Play Winter Solitaire

Winter Solitaire

Winter Solitaire is a card game , solitaire , different. You have to play against the clock. You have 5 minutes and during this time you move the cards as many times as you like, from group to group , up or down to get it.
Play Golden Spider Solitaire

Golden Spider Solitaire

Playing solo is one of the most addictive things you can do at a time like this . Do not settle for the windows and enjoy solo Golden Spider Solitaire if you want to know what is good :-)
Average grade:4.6
Play Spades Spider Solitaire 2

Spades Spider Solitaire 2

Spades Spider Solitaire is a card game , a lonely , different and very difficult. There are 10 piles of cards on the board and you do get down stairs . A solitary different and fun you have to try :-)
Average grade:5
Play Solitario-Spider solitaire

Solitario-Spider solitaire

The Spider solitaire card game is a pretty dificl . Are dealt into 10 lots and must be able to discover them all. In the game you more details, but if you like you can not miss lonely Spider Solitaire.
Average grade:3.2
Play Halloween Tripeaks

Halloween Tripeaks

To pass the time on Halloween it's best to play the real monsters :-) loads like playing Tripeaks You know ? Quite simply, a solitaire but easier, it is best that you can play Halloween with your favorite monsters :-)
Average grade:5
Play Japan Poker

Japan Poker

A new way to play poker, Japan Poker. Poker in its purest form , choose your strategy , discard the cards you do not want and get a move to justify your bet. Train thoroughly before playing at an online casino. Do not miss it !
Average grade:5
Play Lucky Eights

Lucky Eights

Lucky Eights or thief Poker is a fun variation of poker where the cards must to be caught as they go out and you must compose shapes with them before time runs out. It's fun and laughter are guaranteed :-)
Play Lightning


Get rid of your cards before your opponent. Drag one card at a time into the piles of the medium. If the arrow points up you put a top card , if the arrow is pointing down, you put a bottom. RUNS, no turns.
Average grade:5
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