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Killing kittens, eviscerating enemies, burning cities ... His name says it all: BEASTS Games :)

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Play Feed Us

Feed Us

This piranha is a bit different from the others , does not eat only out of necessity, but is thirsty for blood and you have to help all you can eat . The more blood you eat the more you elevate the piranha.
Average grade:3
Play Shark Sea

Shark Sea

Oh no, SHARKS ! Were you more relaxed than ever and comes suddenly a shark trying to eat you. It has very bad mood because you just want to jump into the water, but do it before you eat the legs ... Runs well, nothing !
Play Viral Outbreak

Viral Outbreak

The zombies are at the gates of the city and I have chosen you to defend it. Prevents any zombie between, using in each case the most appropriate weapon . No wonder you are an elite soldier ! Killing zombies has become a profession for you
Play Toxie Radd 3D

Toxie Radd 3D

Joe escaped from prison and found it was the victim of an experiment. Everything is full of zombies. Play 3D Radd Toxie and enjoy a game in 1st person style Doom, where you have to kill zombies galore and survive.
Play H3I5T


After the fall of the Iron Curtain many Russian warheads fell into the hands of the mafia. You're a KGB agent and your mission is to intercept one of them, that goes to the border of Kazakhstan , before leaving the country. Hurry !
Play Cowboy Duel

Cowboy Duel

I always loved those scenes in western movies where the good is face to face with the evil, hands near the revolvers, silence, dust... Now you can be the fastest gunman in the West. Place your mouse over the gun and PUM!
Play Above Hell

Above Hell

Your enemies will try to escape through the door, but there you are to stop it. Cover the room with their blood! This is what has to be a professional murderer and Hell Above you can be tested to the core.
Play Madness Lunacy

Madness Lunacy

Hank and Stanford just to escape the laboratory where they have been experimenting with them to madness. Now you can control them in their mad quest to destroy the guilty. A game like few crazy beast : -O
Play Hanger 2

Hanger 2

Hanger is a game a little beast but very addictive. You'll have to swing on top of buildings, as if you were Tarzan , until you reach your destination. Fly over the city, but be careful not to hit you or you will lose an arm :-)
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