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Step into the shoes of a thief, a ninja or a zombie and live all the adventures within.

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Play Youda Mystery: El Legado Stanwick

Youda Mystery: El Legado Stanwick

Stanwich Emma has just inherited his grandfather 's house . She is alone , after losing their parents and now the grandfather, his house is all you have in life. Tour the house and search for clues and objects to clarify the mysteries that surround i
Average grade:5
Play Causality: Turkey Terror

Causality: Turkey Terror

Delivery of Casualty for Easter Day. Casualty , the game that every effect has its cause and in which you must kill all the men planning to stick your actions. But avoiding that no man suit see anyone else die .
Average grade:5
Play Causality Story: Part 1

Causality Story: Part 1

The first chapter of this series that has caused a furor on the Internet: Destroy all the stick men with chain actions creating the objects around them. The only rule is : Do not let no man see death suit any man stick.
Average grade:5
Play Bart Simpson Saw Game

Bart Simpson Saw Game

A Bart have locked in the school , within reach of the most cruel of Springfield. Sure ! It was the cruel Pigsaw doll which has locked up. Can you help Bart escape before it's too late ?
Average grade:5
Play Dungeon King: Dreadstorm Keep

Dungeon King: Dreadstorm Keep

Go through all the dungeons to get away with all the enemies and monsters. Get your browser to get experience points and skill. It's a trippy Diablo -style RPG game that will make you enjoy a world of adventure.
Average grade:5
Play Abuba the Alien

Abuba the Alien

Abuba the ET, has dropped its UFO on our planet, our strange planet. So you need your help to return to his planet. Help them and have fun with this great adventure game. It's so fun!
Average grade:5
Play Alice is Dead: Chapter 1

Alice is Dead: Chapter 1

Chapter 1 : You just fall down the hole to mime Alicia fell to get to Wonderland and must use all the magic of the objects you will encounter if you want to leave. Frightening and exciting game.
Average grade:5
Play Alice is Dead: Chapter 2

Alice is Dead: Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Now you're locked in with the Mad Hatter. My God, is a nightmare , you should use all the objects around you to get out of there.
Average grade:5
Play Blue Rabbits Climate Chaos

Blue Rabbits Climate Chaos

The weather is going crazy and you 're stuck in this wonderful adventure to help all travelers. Complete all missions entrusted to you and play this wonderful game and imaginative .
Average grade:5
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