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Step into the shoes of a thief, a ninja or a zombie and live all the adventures within.

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Play Tiny Squad

Tiny Squad

Tiny Squad is an amazing RPG . You'll have to take your little army to victory. To do this you must find the right tactics and take care of your budget to go shopping more useful units at all times . What a war game :)
Play Bob the Robber

Bob the Robber

Ah , theft ! For Bob to be kleptomaniac is not a disease , but a point in life . Their idols were not football players, if not great thieves of history. Now you can help them fulfill their missions and desvalijarlo all. A steal , lol!
Average grade:4
Play Trollface Quest

Trollface Quest

When Whinne first drew his COOLFACE or Trollface , never imagined he would become a symbol on the Internet. But it has. Now you can help to save this Trollface of their misfortunes and laugh a little step :-)
Play Cursed Dungeon

Cursed Dungeon

This RPG game is amazing. Create your own character, from a brave knight to a logger or a quick drive rogue , and then Sneak in the dungeons of the castle to find a cure for the king. Shift must fight against monsters.
Play Danger Dungeon

Danger Dungeon

Your friends have long been locked up in these dangerous dungeons, only you will be able to go down into its depths to free them. Will you dare to fight skeletons , wizards and monsters ? Be amazed !
Average grade:5
Play The Wok

The Wok

The most important object of your tribe , the sacred Wok has been stolen by a terrible monster has left the whole tribe is your mission desconsolada.Ahora start the search, destroy the monster , recover the wok and return the joy to your tribe
Play Where is new year

Where is new year

The new year is here, but Santa Claus has not yet managed to deliver all the presents . Help Santa Claus to solve each level , each puzzle to find gifts and open the way for the young 2012 comes to us.
Play Lost Catacombs

Lost Catacombs

Do you like movies about Indiana Jones? Well now you can go into the catacombs and labyrinths under the pyramids to find amazing treasures and solve complex tests . You will create your own maps and you can share them.
Play Trigger Knight

Trigger Knight

Control your mouse with this tiger warrior in order to survive and fight like you had not imagined. It is an awesome RPG game where you fight and survive depends not only on your skill but also luck.
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