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Step into the shoes of a thief, a ninja or a zombie and live all the adventures within.

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Play Nick Toldy and the Legend of Dragon Peninsula

Nick Toldy and the Legend of Dragon Peninsula

This game is a fun adventure game Monkey Island style . Nick wants to be a gentleman , but that will have to kill the dragon and rescue a princess. It will not be easy, but it will be fun. Try and enjoy!
Play Vision by Proxy: Second Edition

Vision by Proxy: Second Edition

Poor Martian ! Was lost after falling on our planet and you have to help . The toddler has an ability that will be useful , see the world differently , that will help you find objects that make you easier to get home.
Play Office


Another typical game where you wake up in a place you do not know . You must use different objects to find the start and finish the game. It is urgent to escape from this office.
Play Albert the Alien

Albert the Alien

This alien , Albert, has fallen on our planet, and some scientists have been carried cojido and secret area , Area 51, and can not leave . Interact with the different objects of the rooms and help him get out. Albert Luck !
Play Chief


With great power involves great responsibility :-) You son of the great Indian chief. If you lead your tribe must show that you measure up . For that you must complete the missions that you propose and gain the trust of your people.
Play Vulpin Adventure

Vulpin Adventure

Vulpin Adventure is a great RPG game . You can create and customize your own virtual pet as you go beating the other monsters you'll find in this amazing fantasy world. You can not miss it ;-)
Average grade:4.5
Play Immortal Souls Dark Crusade

Immortal Souls Dark Crusade

The traps of the Devil are endless. In its mission to wipe out humanity is embodied in thousands of ways to deceive and destroy us . Choose your character and ends with their plans in this great adventure RPG, you will enjoy to the fullest.
Play Peter the Penguin

Peter the Penguin

Peter the Penguin is caught right in the melting of Antarctica. Need to get out , that global warming is destroying everything. But Peter needs your help if you want to survive, so guide him and save him before it's too late .
Play Treasure of Big Totem 6

Treasure of Big Totem 6

To play Totem Treasure of Big 6 only have to know a couple of things: You 're not alone , that your mission is to find the manuscript of Mutumba and will not be easy. But you must know that if you start you can not quit. Mola ! :-)
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