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Shooting, racing, fighting, Martian ... All the action you need to let off steam just now

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Play Combat Hero Adventures

Combat Hero Adventures

This game is among the few that you have to choose from : Story Mode or Arena mode . In M.Historia must avenge the death of your father , to find who killed him and kill him. However, in the M.Arena have to destroy the enemies you see
Average grade:4.8
Play Souichiro Blademaster

Souichiro Blademaster

Ever wanted to be a ninja ? Now is your chance. The village is in flames, pesarde your little experience , have trusted you for this mission. Help the citizens of the town !
Play Naruto GG 0.8

Naruto GG 0.8

Naruto maniacs , this is your game. Naruto and Blench Yihu are in combat. You can do combos and earn experience fighting . Good luck , to win the best and ... The fight begin !
Play Eurozone Beach

Eurozone Beach

Fencevacation! These workers will have a summer as movidito . Between bankers and politicians do not stop still. They will kill them. Help them , and who knows , maybe you made âÄčâÄča few laughs ... Farewell to the crisis!
Play Total Mayhem

Total Mayhem

Parallax has stolen the Philosopher's Stone . Delve into this evil castle, find him and defeat this demon and his minions, all with one purpose , to destroy the world .
Play Hunt or Die

Hunt or Die

Hunting or die! In prehistoric hunting one day could mean the difference between life or death of the group. So grab your bow and go into the woods to cazar.Empieza with small prey , and when you play against more experienced great beasts
Average grade:4
Play Frantic Frigate

Frantic Frigate

Frantic Frigate is great! Go through the seas in search of treasures fabolosos , while destroying all the pirate ships that you pass on your way. Frantic Frigate has a fast action that makes it fun. Find your fortune , pirate !
Play Droid Assault

Droid Assault

The robots have revolted . Thousands of droids have assaulted the city with a single mission: to kill us all. So grab your weapons and kill all the droids. Then collects the scrap and change for new weapons to upgrade :-)
Play Double Life

Double Life

Double Life is a classic . Help the group 11 of Ares and his captain Cyrus, to survive and fulfill its mission in the area Gideon -9 , near the abandoned mining colony . A game of survival , struggle and terror space you have to try!
Average grade:1
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